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I've worked with and studied horses for the majority of my life. I have seen my fair share of injuries and lameness. I've had horses that were trained and some that we broke to ride ourselves.

Through this, there were horses that didn't heal as fast or as thoroughly as I'd hoped. There were also horses that had chronic behavioral issues and/ or were difficult to train. At that time, I believed that was the end of the road with those horses- they had reached their highest potential and it wasn't enough for my ambitions.

Sometime in 2017, I came across a Facebook post that showed before and after massage photos and told the story of a horse that had been struggling to pick up his left lead and was constantly knocking poles in the show jumping ring. After several massages, there were no more pole knocks or problems picking up canter leads. That had my attention. I followed the page that made that post for a little over a year before I finally took the plunge and signed up for the equine massage certification program through Midwest Natural Healing for Animals.

Watching/ following that Facebook page inspired me. I wanted to be able to just look at a horse and KNOW what problems they may be dealing with and how to fix the root CAUSE. I can confidently say that I have learned all of that and more.

I find joy in the relief and release that I provide to horses from all disciplines- I find that helping the horse physically creates a better situation for everyone. Obviously, releasing tension in a horse will lead to relaxation, and relaxation can open the horse up to a deeper connection to the handler. This can also lead to advancement in training and higher performance.

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Updates from Margaret Parsons


I get so many questions about proper conformation and I am often shown photos to give my opinion on a horse. I am super surprised to see the number of people that aren't familiar with conformation, how to assess it, or what a conformation fault truly is. Let's start with the basics 😀

Conformation is simply the way a horse is put together. This plays a role in the way a horse moves, how they perform, and how injury-prone a horse can be.

Overall, when we assess conformation, we are looking for good proportions- all of the horse's parts fit well together and none seem too big or too small for the rest of the animal.

Conformation faults are structural problems or unproportioned areas. Conformation faults are not always genetic and they don't have to be permanent! Depending on the fault, there are ways to work with them or even eliminate them. Some disciplines actually look for certain faults because the professionals in those disciplines feel that they actually help the horse to perform better.

Here's where things get more interesting- we can't make good assessments of conformation when horses are too young because they aren't born well proportioned at all- they tend to be all legs 😍 And even when their joints naturally fuse as they stop growing, we can make a better assessment of conformation, but it isn't the end of the world when we spot faults in most horses. Conformation of a horse will change throughout its life- so if you know why these changes are happening we can intervene and make sure that our horses' shape and functionality actually support whatever their daily activity and favorite disciplines are.

Some common conformation faults that cannot be changed are:

  • Over at the knee
  • Back at the knee
  • Base Wide
  • Base Narrow
  • Knock Kneed
  • Bow Legged
  • Cow Hocked
  • Bow Hocked
  • Sickle Hocked
  • Straight Behind (Posty)
Some common conformation faults that can be changed are:

  • Sway Back
  • Ewe Neck
  • Camped Out
  • Camped Under
  • Pigeon Toed
  • Toed Out
There are definitely more faults to put on both of these lists, but this is a good starting point. And remember- conformation faults don't have to be the end of the road for your horse! The most severe faults are often noticeable on foals and veterinarians do there best to correct the faults enough to allow the horse to have a good quality of life.

If you want to learn more about how to improve some faults that your horse has or what jobs your horse may be more suited for according to his conformation, jump on over to my Free Facebook Group!

30 Hour Getaway

30 Hour Getaway

I am sure I am not the only person that totally over schedules most days. Seriously. My planner has a to-do list with 8 lines- I manage to fill at least 12 lines daily. And, of course, at least 4 are left over from the day before. I rely heavily on my Sundays to finish things around the house and to work uninterrupted on my business.

Sunday, May 28th was no different. I had such a long to-do list. There were so many things that I had been putting off that I was going to finish on Sunday. However, at 5:30 pm on Friday (the 26th) a conversation arose with my mother that lead to something completely different than my "catch-up Sunday." Weirdly enough and completely our of character for me, I jumped at the opportunity to leave after work on Saturday to go to Marquette, MI. The catch? I had to be back around 10 pm Sunday.

So, 24 hours after the trip was proposed, my sister, my daughter and myself were loaded into a truck (with my sister's dog, too lol) and headed to Marquette. The trip there was long, but the excitement of what we were about to experience was nearly palpable.

We pulled into our destination for the night just after 1 am. Thankfully, we didn't end up bringing a tent. Instead, we had cots to set up in the garage of the vacant house we were stopping at to pick up some antiques. We finally got to sleep around 2 am.

We were up around 8 am and had the truck packed ready for our trip home by 9 am. The plan was to be headed home by 2 pm so we had plenty of time to meet some friends that moved to the area last year and had great local spots to share with us. Instead of walking you through all of the fun things we saw, I will let you see the pictures and just share what this trip has taught me.

First, my to-do list was still there when I came home Sunday night... and Monday... and some items are still on it now!! Please do not make the assumption that the items on my list weren't important. Of course, I had some easy to put off items on the list like laundry and cleaning the kitchen. However, I also had follow-ups for my business and finalizing plans for my 7th wedding anniversary which is this Friday and my daughter's 9th birthday which is in 2 weeks. These things are important, but I am so glad I put them off for this quick trip.

Second, I have had a few opportunities similar to this that I have always turned down because the short trip "would not be worth the effort." I cannot express how wrong this thought process was. It seems crazy I know. Really though, a quick 1-night trip doesn't require much in the way of clothes, food, or planning. This trip can be easy and inexpensive! Don't over think it!

Finally, this idea may make you uncomfortable- GOOD! It's crazy! It's fun! You will grow as an individual, in experience, and with the people that you share your trip with. You can travel alone and have just as much fun and possibly grow more than traveling with others.

We only have one life. Don't forget that. Do things differently so you can experience all that life has to offer.

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