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Equine Massage

Horses benefit from massage in much the same ways as humans. Massages can impact a horse's ability to move properly and work to the best of their ability. Obviously, releasing tension in a horse will lead to relaxation and relaxation can open the horse up to a deeper connection to the handler. This can also lead to advancement in training and higher performance. If you have a high-performance athlete, you will like the added benefits of improved circulation and injury prevention. Horses that have had injuries in the past can also find relief from massage. Plus, between you and your horse's massage therapist, you will be able to detect potential problems before they turn into something serious. Does your horse have a certain issue and you are wondering if massage can help? Shoot me an email- I am happy to answer your questions. 

iTovi Scans

Schedule an appointment to receive a personalized report to determine what supplements will benefit your body (or your pets'!) the most at any given time. The iTOVi report is 100% personalized based on how you respond to the scan. Your top products are listed in the report. Scans generally take less than five minutes and reports are delivered via email. Discounts for 4 or more scans at one location. iTovi scans are perfectly safe and manageable for infants, children, horses, dogs, and other animals too! 

Interested in owning your own iTovi? They are totally affordable and easy to use!! We use ours regularly with all of our dogs and horses 😍 


Gather your friends, teammates, and club members for an educational workshop. I am willing to travel to your group and I teach on a variety of topics from equine massage to first aid and nutrition. The subject matter and length of the session is up to you, Cost depends on location and length of the seminar. Contact me with what you have in mind and I can get you scheduled.

Online Courses